Admissions at American Addiction Centers

Struggling with addiction and accepting you need help are difficult on their own. That's why we believe that admissions should be simple. By focusing on providing a compassionate team, easy access to care, and a simple process, we help thousands of people start treatment each month.

Here's What to Expect

A Compassionate Team

Many of our admissions team members are either in recovery themselves, or have actively played a role in supporting someone through recovery. So when we say our team understands how frightening addiction can be and how much courage it takes to ask for help, we mean it.

Anyone can answer a phone and schedule someone's admission to treatment, it takes someone who truly cares to make certain that anyone who calls the American Addiction Centers helpline is better off for doing so.

Accessible Treatment

American Addiction Centers operates 12 treatment centers across eight states. We also offer sober-living residences for people who are newly sober and working to maintain their recovery. This allows us to meet any patient exactly where they are at in the recovery process and provide the most appropriate treatment possible. As a result, we're able to help roughly 12,000 people a year start new lives by admitting them to our treatment centers.

A Simple Process

A phone call is all it takes to start a new life at American Addiction Centers. One quick phone call and a brief assessment of your medical history will give us the information we need to be sure we can provide treatment that fits your personalized needs. If not, our team will make sure you have the information you need to find a better option for you.