MagnaCare Insurance Coverage for Rehab and Detox

MagnaCare insurance provides addiction treatment coverage in many states. Learn how to use your MagnaCare benefits for detox or rehab here.

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Does MagnaCare Cover Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol?

MagnaCare insurance does offer coverage for addiction treatment, including detox and rehab. Although the details may vary from one plan to another, the combined number of inpatient hospital days on the plan, regardless of whether for medical stays or drug rehab, are subject to a maximum of 120 calendar days per year. Another Magnacare plan, this one for a union in New York, covers inpatient substance abuse treatment up to $25,000-lifetime maximum, with the plan participants paying a deductible and 20% copay for services.

Your specific Magnacare plan may be different, but most insurance plans offer some level of drug and alcohol rehab coverage. You will need to speak to your plan provider to get specific information. In addition, if your dependents are listed as beneficiaries on your insurance plan, they can access all of the same benefits that you have on the plan.

Types of Treatment Covered by MagnaCare Insurance

MagnaCare insurance offers benefits to various types of drug or alcohol treatment programs, such as:

The course of your treatment depends on multiple factors, including your overall health, psychological well-being, and the number of substances that you are using. Other factors include how many times you have been in rehab, how long you have used substances, and how much you are using.4(p 12 and 21) Not everyone needs detox, as it is typically only needed for certain substances, most often alcohol and benzodiazepines. Both categories of substances can be dangerous if you suddenly stop them, and withdrawal from alcohol or benzodiazepines can have serious consequences, particularly seizures. In some cases, the withdrawal symptoms of alcohol can include a condition known as delirium tremens, which results in such symptoms as pneumonia, hallucinations, severe confusion, seizures, high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, respiratory failure, and even death.5

After you go through detox, you typically stay in rehab, either inpatient or outpatient, for several days. Detox only gets the substance out of your body and helps you cope with withdrawal symptoms. If you go through detox without seeking treatment thereafter, you are likely to relapse because you have not addressed the underlying issues leading to the substance use disorder. Continuing treatment after detox, whether you go to an inpatient or outpatient program, will help you learn to cope with stress without using substances and help you learn to cope with cravings. If you only go through detox you are likely to relapse when faced with stress or triggers that led you to use substances in the first place.4

How to Check Your Magnacare Benefits

The best way to find out if your MagnaCare plan covers detox and ongoing rehab is to either call the number on the back of your insurance card or to log in to the Magnacare portal to review your benefits and coverage to see what types of detox and ongoing drug rehab coverage you are eligible for.

Types of Magnacare Insurance Plans

Magnacare is not a private insurance company, but rather a third-party administrator, providing network management for self-insured companies, including claims processing. Magnacare can help you find a provider and locate services to treat substance use disorders in your area.1

Your insurance coverage for rehab is determined by the coverage offered by your plan. Your specific Magnacare rehab insurance coverage depends on your plan and which state you live in. In this particular Magnacare insurance plan, coverage is offered for the electrical contractors union in New York and offers inpatient substance abuse rehab with no copay and a copay of $50 per visit for outpatient services. For details on your plan, you will need to check with your plan representative to determine your coverage for drug rehab.

Magnacare plans may be offered through your employer as a group plan. Some Magnacare plans offer minimum essential coverage, which provides the minimum basic coverages required by Federal law. All minimum essential coverage plans offer substance abuse treatment required by Federal law under the Affordable Care Act. Regardless of which Magnacare plan you have, some form of substance abuse treatment should be covered to help you get the detox and rehab services you need.

Magnacare primarily operates in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.2 Their provider lookup can help you locate hospitals, doctors, and treatment providers in your area. Magnacare can also be listed as your network manager in multiple locations throughout the U.S., which is helpful if you need out-of-state coverage.3

How to Use MagnaCare to Pay for Rehab

Once you’ve decided to receive addiction treatment, you’ll need to use your MagnaCare insurance benefits to cover some or all of the cost. An important first step is to determine what the extent of your MagnaCare coverage is and if you require preauthorization before beginning treatment. You can determine this by contacting a MagnaCare representative. Additionally, you’ll also need to check if the rehab you’re going to is in-network. This can be done by contacting the rehab directly and asking if they are in-network with MagnaCare. While you can still attend treatment at an out-of-network facility, your MagnaCare coverage and benefits may be greatly reduced.

Do Rehab Centers Need to Be In-Network with MagnaCare?

Generally speaking, in order to access your full MagnaCare benefits, you’ll need to receive treatment from an in-network facility. In-network rehab centers work directly with MagnaCare to provide their members with quality care. While you can still attend treatment at an out-of-network facility, your MagnaCare benefits and coverage may be significantly reduced. It’s always a good idea to determine if a rehab is in-network with MagnaCare before committing to treatment.

Finding Rehabs that Accept MagnaCare Insurance

At American Addiction Centers (AAC), we offer a range of treatment options at our treatment facilities throughout the United States. AAC has strong relationships with numerous insurance providers, including Magnacare. When you receive treatment at one of our facilities, you are receiving compassionate care and treatment for substance use disorders that is based on the most recent best practices for treatment. At AAC we adhere to the highest medical standards for our detox and rehab programs. If you have Magnacare, call our detox hotline today to speak to one of our referral specialists at our 24/7 helpline at or text us to discuss your treatment options and how to use your Magnacare benefits to pay for detox and rehab. Call AAC today to get the treatment you need.