HCSC Insurance Coverage for Rehab and Detox

Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) Insurance provides addiction treatment coverage in many states. Learn more about HCSC coverage.

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Does HCSC Cover Rehab for Drugs and Alcohol?

Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) insurance offers coverage for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, including detox and rehab. Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), all long-term medical plans are required to include some level of alcohol or substance use treatment coverage.

This is true even if your mental health or substance abuse problems are pre-existing. The insurance company also cannot impose annual or lifetime spending limits on your addiction treatment coverage. However, you may have cost-sharing responsibilities, such as copayments, deductibles, or coinsurance.4

Types of Treatments Covered by HCSC Insurance

HCSC insurance will offer some level of coverage for your substance use and behavioral health treatment services. The following types of addiction treatments are generally covered:

How to Check Your HCSC Benefits

There are two primary ways to check your HCSC addiction treatment coverage. First, you can log in to your member page online. You’ll choose which state you’re in and enter your username and password.6

From the website, you can review your bills, pay your premiums, and get information about your health insurance coverage for drug or alcohol treatment. You can also search for providers, like American Addiction Centers, and find out which doctors and facilities are in your network.

Another option is to call an HCSC representative. When you contact them, they will be able to look up your policy and answer specific questions about your addiction treatment coverage. If you know which facility you’re interested in for rehab, for instance, you can ask about it.

You can also contact the rehab facility and find out if they accept HCSC insurance. If you call American Addiction Centers, our representative can help you verify your exact HCSC substance abuse coverage details. However, you’ll still need to get in touch with the insurance company directly to authorize treatment and confirm coverage.

How Much Does Rehab Cost Using HCSC Insurance?

The exact out-of-pocket cost for addiction treatment will depend on your specific plan and which state you live in. Addiction treatment must be provided with the same percentage of coverage, copayments, and deductibles as a medical procedure would be. However, HCSC coverage may not apply to all facilities in all areas and out-of-state coverage may not be available.

How you get alcohol or drug treatment will depend on whether you have an HMO or PPO plan. If you have an HMO plan, you may need a referral to an in-network specialist or rehab treatment facility. If you don’t get a referral or stay within your provider network, there may be no insurance coverage.

A PPO plan is more likely to be flexible. You’ll have lower copayments and deductibles if you stay within the provider network. The good news is that the BlueCross BlueShield networks are generally broad, so you have good options available.5

Your insurance company has the final word on benefits, so be sure to contact them directly to get the details of your HCSC addiction coverage. You don’t want to be caught off-guard and left with a large bill. To verify your level of coverage, reach out to an HCSC representative or by calling our rehab hotline.

Types of HCSC Health Insurance Plans

Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) is a customer-owned health insurance company. They are the largest of this type in the United States and serve nearly 16 million members. HCSC operates in 5 states: Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.

HCSC has over 24,000 employees and a network of over 272,700 physicians and other healthcare providers. They offer a variety of plans to serve their members.1

HCSC offers health insurance plans under the BlueCross BlueShield license.2 They offer a variety of health insurance group and individual plans, along with Medicare options.

You can choose between health maintenance organization (HMO) and preferred provider organization (PPO) plans. HMOs are generally more restrictive about receiving substance use treatment inside the network but are less expensive.

PPO plans give you more flexibility but you will pay more in monthly premiums. Knowing which plan you have will help you understand how HCSC insurance will apply to your addiction recovery needs.

HCSC, Medicare, & Medicaid

HCSC insurance also offers Medicare Advantage plans under BlueCross BlueShield.3 Medicare Advantage is a private insurance product that replaces Original Medicare but also provides you with additional benefits. For instance, you get built-in prescription drug coverage and other health and wellness opportunities. You can choose between HMO and PPO options for Medicare Advantage as well.

The state you live in and the plan you choose will affect your benefits, copayments, and deductibles. Contact your treatment provider to find out if they offer financing options or grants.

Finding Rehabs that Accept HCSC Insurance

Choosing to pursue a sober life is a challenge, but you can meet it. American Addiction Centers (AAC) can help you get free from addiction and live an active, sober lifestyle. We are one of the largest addiction treatment providers in the United States and we’d love to connect you to the rehab treatment you need.

For information about how American Addiction Centers can help you or a loved one find a local rehab center and recover from an addiction, please call our rehab hotline.

Our treatment facilities meet the highest level of medical quality standards with licensed physicians and we have the experience necessary to help you through your addiction treatment. If you’re ready to start a new life of freedom, contact us at or text us today.