24 Hour Drug and Alcohol Detox Hotline Numbers

Calling a Detox Helpline is an important step in going to rehab. This article will outline exactly what to expect when you call.

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What is a Detox Hotline Number?

Detox hotlines work to provide people seeking help access to all the information they need to go to detox or rehab. Beyond that, detox & rehab hotlines help people with the stigma or shame they feel in asking for help. A substance abuse hotline professional’s job is more than just to provide information. They are also there to comfort and enable you in your journey towards a sober life.

The key to a successful recovery is finding the best detox and rehab program for your needs. With the right support, you can have a healthy and successful detox process with interventions such as medication and devices that can minimize withdrawal symptoms.2 This article will teach you exactly what to expect when you call a detox or rehab hotline and teach you when it’s appropriate to call.

Who Are Detox & Withdrawal Hotlines For?

Withdrawal and detox hotlines are for anyone who is struggling with addiction or experiencing withdrawal symptoms. It doesn’t matter what kind of substances you are addicted to; these hotlines are available to you anytime to help guide you toward a path of recovery.

Just like you, many people are trying to access treatment for the first time. It’s not always clear what to expect when you’re starting the recovery process. That’s why detox hotlines, like the one at American Addiction Centers, are there.

Hotlines are also for family members and friends of people who are struggling with addiction or withdrawal. Loving someone with an addiction problem can leave you feeling hopeless, helpless, and discouraged. Calling a hotline is one way to empower yourself by getting the information you need to support your loved one’s recovery. You don’t have to watch him or her suffer.

Who Answers Detox Hotlines?

When you call the American Addiction Centers (AAC) withdrawal and detox hotline, you will speak to a compassionate admissions navigator who will listen to your story with an open mind and an open heart. They will help you create an action plan and support your journey, starting with detox and rehab. AAC admissions navigators are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The call is free and completely confidential. The free hotline to call for help is . There is no obligation or commitment required when you call.

AAC admissions navigators have personal experience with addiction; some of them are in recovery themselves and others have loved ones who struggled with addiction. They are trained and fully committed to making you feel comfortable so you can receive the support you need. They understand that addiction is a disease and can relate to the struggles and challenges you face. Not only will they listen, they will also help you develop an action plan to address your needs.

When Should I Call a Detox Hotline?

Addiction doesn’t wait and neither should you. The best time to call is right now. The longer your addiction continues, the greater your risk of developing new problems and worsening existing ones. Those who struggle with addiction have a high likelihood of experiencing relationship, health, behavioral, occupational, and emotional problems. The sooner you reach out for help, the sooner you can begin to change the trajectory of your life.

The withdrawal and rehab process can be enriched with the right support and interventions in place. Support comes when you decide to regain control over the grasp of addiction by reaching out for help. You don’t have to have all the answers now; you just have to make a call and take the first step.

If you are uncertain about where to go for detox or rehab, alcohol hotlines and other addiction hotlines can provide you with information to help you choose a program that fits your specific needs and addresses your unique challenges. Reaching out for help is as easy and convenient as a phone call.

While withdrawal and detox hotlines are there to assist you, they are not emergency hotlines. If you are experiencing an emergency you should call 911 or your local first responders.

Finding Detox Centers Near Me

American Addiction Centers is a leading provider of detox and addiction rehabilitation services in the United States. We help thousands of people start new lives every day at our rehab centers and others by providing people, just like you, the information they need to feel comfortable asking for help. You can always call our detox hotline for advice, but if you’d like more information about finding treatment in your state, we’ve also authored detailed guides about how to choose the best local rehab center below.