Sierra Health Insurance Coverage for Rehab and Detox

Sierra Health is a regional health insurance provider offering detox and rehab coverage. Learn how to use Sierra Health insurance for rehab.

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Does Sierra Health Cover Rehab and Detox?

Yes. Sierra Health Covers detox, rehab, and other forms of addiction treatment. The Affordable Care Act includes addiction treatment as an essential benefit.4 All long-term plans must cover behavioral health treatment, substance abuse treatment, and mental and behavioral services.

How to Check Your Sierra Health Benefits

If you want insurance to cover the costs associated with rehab, you should contact a Sierra Health representative directly to find out if you will be covered, as it will depend on the facility and type of treatment.

If you have questions about your Sierra Health rehab coverage, there are several ways to obtain additional information. The easiest way to check your drug rehab insurance coverage is by checking Sierra Health’s paitent portal.  From there, you can review your exact coverage details.

Another option is to contact the treatment program you’re interested in attending. Most detox and rehab centers will be able to tell you immediately whether or not they accept your coverage and provide you the exact details of your coverage shortly after.

While speaking with a rehab center may be convenient, you may want to consult a Sierra Health team member directly as well, especially if they require preauthorization before coverage is approved.

Types of Sierra Health Plans

Sierra Health offers two primary kinds of plans offering rehab benefits: a preferred provider organization (PPO) plan and an Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) plan.3

Under the PPO plan, you can receive addiction treatment either in or out-of-network. However, you’ll pay higher deductibles and copayments if you don’t remain in-network with a Sierra Health plan rehab center.

If you have an EPO plan, you must use the contracted rehab centers included in the plan. You don’t need a referral to seek treatment as long as they are in-network. There are no out-of-network benefits except for emergency care. Some of the rehab services you use might require preauthorization before being covered by your health insurance plan.

Both the PPO and EPO plans include behavioral health services and therapy through Sierra Health’s Behavioral Healthcare Options counseling services. This includes telephone consultations, online resources, and referrals to mental health providers.

Sierra Health does not directly offer Medicare or Medicaid plans. You might receive these through United Healthcare or another provider like Health Plan of Nevada.

Finding Rehab Centers that Accept Sierra Health

 American Addiction Centers (AAC) is a premier provider of nationwide addiction treatment. If you have Sierra Health insurance, treatment at any of our 9 rehab centers should be covered through your Sierra Health plan. Though your specific coverage details may vary by your selected plan. For more information about your coverage at American Addiction Centers, please call our confidential detox hotline or complete the form below.