United Healthcare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Coverage - Withdrawal

United Healthcare Drug and Alcohol Treatment Coverage

United Healthcare offers coverage for drug and alcohol treatment nationwide. Learn how to use your UHC benefits for rehab here.

What you will learn
  1. United Healthcare therapy coverage details
  2. Check your United Healthcare coverage
  3. How to find United Healthcare approved rehab facilities
  4. United Healthcare out-of-network coverage
  5. United Healthcare Medicare coverage

Does United Healthcare Cover Rehab?

United Healthcare offers some limited benefits and short-term plans that may not cover detox and rehab. All full-coverage plans are required to provide mental health and substance abuse coverage as an essential benefit.8 However, United Healthcare offers some limited benefits and short-term plans that may not cover detox and rehab.

As a result, most United Healthcare plans offer drug and alcohol rehab coverage such as inpatient and outpatient rehab, counseling, and other therapies.  The details about which programs are covered and how much of the cost you’re responsible for will vary depending on your specific plan. If you’re not sure how United Healthcare insurance works in your particular situation, you should contact United Healthcare directly to understand how to pay for rehab with your drug and alcohol rehab coverage.

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We believe it is important for you to have all the information you need before going to treatment.

How to Check Your United Healthcare Benefits

There are several ways you can check your United Healthcare benefits. A good first step would be to log into the United Healthcare member website to learn more about United Healthcare rehab insurance.7 You can also learn about any online therapy covered or check other specifics about United Healthcare drug rehab coverage.

You can also check the provider network to find United Healthcare alcohol rehab centers or drug programs.8 Click on the “Behavioral Health Directory” to access the United Healthcare rehab provider network and learn more about United Healthcare therapy coverage.

Lastly, United Healthcare can verify coverage for you over the phone and help you find rehab providers that are part of your plan. You can also check with rehabs to see if they accept United Healthcare coverage, but keep in mind the insurer makes the final decision.

If you’d like to know whether your insurance may cover the full or partial cost of rehabilitation at one of American Addiction Centers’ various rehab centers across the states, simply fill in your information in the form below.

Finding United Healthcare Rehab Centers Near Me

United Healthcare works with many rehab centers in all 50 states to help their policyholders attend rehab or detox. While coverage may vary by your plan details, American Addiction Centers (AAC) is proud to accept United Healthcare coverage as a group of United Healthcare approved rehab facilities. For more information about using your UHC rehab coverage at American Addiction Centers, call our free & confidential detox hotline.

If you’re still considering other rehab centers, you can learn more about how to find rehabs that accept United Healthcare in your state below.

Types of United Healthcare Plans

United Healthcare offers a variety of coverage types, including student health insurance plans, individual and family coverage, and group coverage provided through employers.2

Rehab services like inpatient, outpatient, or online therapy that United Healthcare covers depends on what type of insurance plan you have. Before seeking treatment, it’s wise to connect with your insurance company to determine what services are covered. United Healthcare offers a variety of types of health insurance plans.3 For instance, TriTerm medical insurance covers preventative care, doctor visits, and pharmacy needs. This short-term coverage lasts almost three years but provides limited benefits. You can also purchase health insurance with rehab coverage through the insurance marketplace. These plans meet the requirements of the Affordable Care Act that went into effect in 2010.

United Healthcare & Medicare

United Healthcare also offers Medicare plans.5 You can get a Medicare Advantage plan so you have coverage beyond what original Medicare offers. There is also a dual special need plan if you qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid.

Those with limited resources may qualify for Medicaid.6 This coverage helps you get medical care at a lower or no cost to you. The specific benefits you receive and how much it costs will vary depending on which state you live in. Make sure to explore your state’s particular Medicaid program when looking for a detox or rehab program.

Choosing Coverage for Drug & Alcohol Treatment

One important aspect of the plan to consider is whether or not you would prefer to get referrals from a primary care provider or have the opportunity to visit rehab specialists on your own. Also, you should be sure the plan you choose has a network of rehab providers that you want—sometimes out-of-network treatment isn’t covered, and other times it has a much higher cost.

Ultimately,  you’ll want to balance the coverage benefits you need with the monthly cost of the insurance plan. Generally, a lower monthly price means more out-of-pocket expenses when you need care.