Geisinger Insurance Coverage for Rehab and Detox

Geisinger insurance provides substance abuse treatment coverage in Pennsylvania. Learn how to use your Geisinger benefits for rehab here.

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Does Geisinger Insurance Cover Rehab for Drugs or Alcohol?

Many health insurance plans offer some level of assistance when it comes to detox and rehab, though your coverage depends on your provider. If you have Geisinger Insurance, you can access detox and rehab for drug and alcohol addiction, no matter what type of plan you have.

Geisinger insurance coverage for rehab gives you access to certified recovery specialists to help with your recovery journey. Geisinger makes both inpatient and outpatient treatment available for addiction to alcohol, opioids, sedatives, and stimulants. It also offers special coverage for uniform and healthcare workers.

Types of Treatment Covered by Geisinger Insurance

Geisinger insurance offers benefits to various types of addiction treatment, such as:

Geisinger detox coverage supports medication-assisted treatment so you can be more comfortable throughout the detoxification process. Its plans also cover minor withdrawal management. Going through detox and withdrawal with a professional medical team helps prevent relapse and allows people to continue their treatment with emotional, mental, and physical care as they navigate each step of recovery.2 (“Function” section, second paragraph) Geisinger makes these resources easier to access with their coverage options.

Geisinger drug rehab coverage includes consultations and assessments for people with a history of addiction, as well as people with pain and addiction. The company has treatment centers in 4 Pennsylvania hospitals as well as the Geisinger Marworth Treatment Center, which offers inpatient rehabilitation services.

Geisinger Marworth Treatment Center specifically helps people with Geisinger plans detox at their facility, so you don’t have to go through the process alone. You receive 24/7 support with the program along with a plan tailored to give you the best possible resources for your recovery. Rehabilitation programs at this treatment center range in duration from 1 week to 90 days based on factors like your condition and your insurance plan.

Drug rehab insurance coverage with Geisinger also gives you access to group therapy, individual therapy, and peer support groups. Your plan also includes telemedicine services and transportation to your facility, giving you better access to treatment.

Geisinger rehab insurance coverage includes an additional service for expectant mothers struggling with opioid addiction. The Free2BMom program allows you to work with a counselor who will support you for up to 2 years after the birth of your child as you recover.

Because insurance plans vary, you must check with your provider to find out which services your plan covers. Dependents may also be eligible for detox and rehab benefits from Geisinger Insurance.

How to Check Your Geisinger Benefits

It is very important to understand the terms of your Geisinger rehab insurance coverage before you start addiction treatment. You want to be assured that you’re getting accurate information about your benefits and coverage. Call the number on your card and speak with a representative about your unique plan and find out what detox and rehab services are covered.

You can also check your benefits online. Log on to your Geisinger account to find all of your plan information, from premiums to copays to coverage for rehab and detox. You can also use your account to send a secure message to an insurance representative who will listen to your questions or concerns about the extent of your coverage. Alternatively, refer to the Member Benefits Handbook for details about your rights and responsibilities.

You must also check with the treatment facility to confirm that your Geisinger insurance plan will be accepted. American Addiction Centers allows you to easily verify your insurance online or call their confidential hotline. Admissions navigators will answer any questions you may have about your insurance coverage and the recovery process, so you can get started on the road to sobriety.

Types of Geisinger Insurance Plans

Geisinger is a private insurance company that serves residents of Pennsylvania. Founded in 1985, more than 580,000 people now have a Geisinger Insurance plan.1 (1st paragraph) Plans with Geisinger cover personalized addiction treatment and rehabilitation services to help you recover. American Addiction Centers (AAC) is not endorsed by or affiliated with Geisinger Insurance.

Geisinger Insurance only covers people who live in Pennsylvania, but it serves many counties, providers, and treatment centers. While there is no Geisinger out-of-state coverage, the company offers several plan options for people of all ages and various income levels, so you can choose one that fits your needs and financial ability. You can find a plan based on your treatment needs, age, Medicare eligibility, and more, which makes it essential for you to understand your needs before purchasing one.

The GHP Family plan gives you access to the ProvenHealth Navigator to help you manage your condition and medications with trained nurses. It also comes with wellness programs and educational resources, along with women’s and kids’ health programs to ensure proper care during pregnancy and after birth. These types of resources can prove essential during addiction recovery.

Geisinger’s Silver and Bronze plans, available through Geisinger Marketplace, give you access to most of the same specialized programs as Gold. Both have HMO and PPO options, and while you pay less in premiums, you’ll pay more out-of-pocket. These plans work well for people under 65 who do not have coverage through an employer.

Geisinger also offers its Value plan for people under age 30. The most significant difference between this plan and the others is that there is no copay when you visit your primary care physician after you reach your deductible. Otherwise, most of its payment and coverage options are the same as the Bronze plan.

In addition to the basic benefits that come with each plan, Geisinger’s Proven Portfolio offers benefits to plan holders with 3 programs:

  • ProvenCare
  • ProvenNavigator
  • ProvenExperience

ProvenCare began in 2006. With this program, Geisinger has covered the costs of patient care so that people can get the treatment they need without worrying about their financial situation. It provides additional care beyond the expected course of treatment and covers chronic conditions. You should check your plan to make sure you have the coverage you need and understand whether you qualify for ProvenCare.

ProvenNavigator helps patients continue their treatment on their own. It helps you develop healthy habits and behaviors, focusing on preventing problems before they require more intensive treatment.

Lastly, ProvenExperience goes beyond the aspect of physical care to ensure that each patient has a positive experience with their care. If you do not have a satisfactory experience with your medical provider, Geisinger commits to refunding your out-of-pocket expenses.

Geisinger, Medicare, & Medicaid

The Geisinger Gold plan offers coverage for Medicare-eligible people. Over 90,000 people have chosen this plan for its low out-of-pocket costs and zero deductible. Despite its higher premiums, customers pay less out-of-pocket for their care. The plan also comes with several available programs, including:

  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Dental services
  • Health and wellness programs
  • Geisinger 65 Forward

You can find more information about each plan using Geisinger’s online plan brochure. There, you will find details about copays, costs for inpatient and outpatient care, plan deductibles, and more. It also has information about Geisinger Extra, which can lower your copays if you have an eligible plan.

Finding Rehabs that Accept Geisinger Insurance

With facilities across the U.S., American Addiction Centers (AAC) has helped many people struggling with addiction and supported them in their recovery. By working with many insurance providers around the country, including Geisinger Insurance, AAC provides the best and most comprehensive care.

AAC treats addiction from every angle—mind, body, and spirit. Our attentive and professional level of care means you’ll be supported every step of the way, from detox to rehab and beyond. We offer residential, intensive residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programs.

No one’s journey with addiction is the same as another’s, which is why we don’t treat your recovery the same as anyone else’s. AAC personalizes your treatment program to ensure that you get the medical and mental health services you need. We offer therapies that address grief, trauma, and more, and we run support groups focusing on the specific needs of LGBTQ+ people, veterans, and others. Visit our treatment services page to learn more about our medical, psychiatric, and holistic services and the therapeutic modalities we use.

If you or a loved one are considering getting treatment for addiction, call our 24/7 helpline at or text us and speak in confidence with our compassionate, judgment-free team.