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Finding detox in Florida can be difficult. Here's everything you need to know about FL rehab options and how to find local treatment.

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Addiction treatment in Florida tends to cluster around major population centers. Many facilities are within convenient distance of big cities like Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and Fort Lauderdale. For example, American Addiction Centers operates Recovery First Treatment Center in the city of Hollywood, located just outside Fort Lauderdale. However, one may be able to find a Florida rehab anywhere in the state.

Types of Addiction Treatment in Florida

There are three different types of treatment for those seeking help with substance abuse: detox, inpatient care, and outpatient care.

People struggling with addiction are vulnerable to the dangers associated with withdrawal. Detox is often the first step before moving to longer-term treatment options. Detox includes medical support and guidance for an individual who is in withdrawal so they can physically stabilize before engaging in long-term, therapy-based treatment. Inpatient care involves a residential setting where patients receive around-the-clock care. Outpatient care is for those who have already completed inpatient care or for people who may not be able to take time away from work obligations or family responsibilities. 

 The table below showcases the number of rehab facilities in Florida that offer each level of care:3

Type of Care, by number and percent
No. %
Outpatient 598 82.37%
Regular 550 75.76%
Intensive 307 42.29%
Day Treatment/Partial Hospitalization 171 23.55%
Detoxification 78 10.74%
Methadone/buprenorphine maintenance or naltrexone treatment 177 24.38%
Residential (non-hospital) 212 29.20%
Short Term 123 16.94%
Long Term 150 20.66%
Detoxification 79 10.88%
Hospital Inpatient 59 8.13%
Treatment 43 5.92%
Detoxification 56 7.71%
Total 726 100.00%


How Much Does Rehab in Florida Cost?

The expense of paying for rehab, detox, or other addiction treatment services can be daunting. Especially for those trying to pay for treatment without health insurance. Most people in Florida attending treatment either use private or state insurance plans.

Addiction treatment can be costly. Projections anticipate that healthcare costs will rise to $6 trillion by 2027.2 In 1993, the Marchman Act was passed in Florida to provide emergency intervention for those over-using drugs or alcohol. It outlines solutions for individuals, families, and organizations experiencing the negative impacts of the severe symptoms of substance abuse.2

How much treatment costs depends on several factors: the type of care required, whether it is inpatient or outpatient, the type of facility, the amenities, and more. Costs also depend on the type of treatment centers you choose, either state-funded or privately-funded.

Private and State-Funded Rehab Centers in Florida

Private treatment is the best option for people with private insurance coverage through an employer. Those with independent financial security may also choose private treatment as well.

For people without employer-based insurance or who cannot otherwise afford private treatment, state-funded treatment is an option. These facilities are funded by several sources, including federal grants, state grants, or reimbursement through Medicaid. Some offer sliding scale payments based on a person’s income. In many cases, prospective patients are placed on a waitlist with the most severe cases admitted first. Individuals should research how to qualify for public treatment programs to determine affordability.

Among the two options, private treatment is ideal considering the challenges that often arise seeking government-run addiction treatment programs,

The following table breaks down the number of facilities in Florida by whether they are private non-profit, private for-profit, locally funded, state-funded, or federally funded.3 

Facility Operation, by number and percent
No. %
Private Non-Profit 297 40.91%
Private for Profit 395 54.41%
Local, county, or community government 16 2.20%
State government 3 0.41%
Federal Government 15 2.07%
Tribal Government 0 0.00%
Total 726 100.00%


There are slightly more private for-profit treatment centers in Florida than private non-profit. However, when combined with facilities operated by state, local, and federal governments, there is almost a balance of non-profit facilities to choose from, which is good news for people for whom affordability is an issue. 

How to Pay for Rehab in Florida

While 521 of the total 726 treatment facilities accept private insurance, 692 also accept cash or self-payment. At least 187 of the 521 accept state-financed health insurance and 231 accept federal military insurance plans.3 While not having a private insurance plan might limit your options, always remember that there are several treatment facilities that will serve your needs regardless.

The table below breaks down the typical payment methods used and how many facilities in Florida accept each payment type.3 

Facility Payment Options, by Number and percent
No. %
Cash or self-payment 692 95.32%
Private Health Insurance 521 71.76%
Medicare 185 25.48%
Medicaid 279 38.43%
State-financed Health insurance 207 28.51%
Federal military insurance 231 31.82%
No payment accepted (free treatment for all clients) 13 1.79%
IHS/Tribal/Union (ITU) funds 60 8.26%
Other payments 2 0.28%
Sliding fee scale 447 61.57%
Treatment at no charge or minimal payment for clients who can’t pay 282 38.84%
Total 726 100.00%


Although nearly 72 percent of facilities in Florida accept private insurance, 25 percent accept Medicare and 38 percent accept Medicaid payments.3 For clients who struggle with their finances, nearly 40 percent of facilities in Florida provide treatment at no charge or a minimal amount.3

How to Find Treatment Centers in Florida

Struggling with Withdrawal can be the most difficult part of achieving sobriety. It can also be the most dangerous. At American Addiction Centers, our mission is to help people achieve sobriety safely and effectively. As a leading provider of addiction treatment, we operate facilities all across the nation. One in Hollywood.

If you are looking for help and aren’t sure where to start, give our confidential helpline a call. You’ll be able to speak with one of our team members. They are available 24/7 to  answer your questions and help you find treatment either at one of our facilities or educate you on where you may be able to find treatment if we are not a fit.

For more information of how to find a treatment center in another state, review the guides below.

Resources for Addiction Treatment in Florida

While Florida rehabs are one of the more effective ways to achieve recovery from substance misuse in the state, there are other resources you can take advantage of. There are dozens of state-funded rehabs, online resources, independent organizations, and addiction helplines that can assist you in finding recovery. Further, Florida is one of few states that allows court-ordered rehab, potentially giving those struggling with addiction who are involved in the criminal justice system a path to recovery. Some Florida addiction resources include: